Access own calendar
Access other staff calendars
Can book appointments
Allow access & create and own logs
Access other staff logs
Can see client contact info
Can download clients
Can create & edit other staffs
Can access calandar settings on top rigth menu
Can access edit favorite appointments
Can view logs by clients
Can create, edit & delete : Service & products
Get notification when someone request an appointment
Hide breakdowns in logs for all
Allow to use FS Poster
Can only view own commission and breakdown under logs
Can create edit and delete categories
Hide store YTD commission's numbers from all
Can only see his own YTD commission's numbers
Access own calendar
Can view others clients appointment
Can book appointments
Can book same day appointments
Auto prefilled info on appointments book modal
Can request appointment
Can delete own appointment
Share and access these pages with a password
Allow users with a password to access these pages